More than just a digital workplace!

Gone are the days when we spent 5 days a week in the office at our own workstation. HomeOffice, shared workplaces or working from anywhere, have found harmony in our everyday life. In addition, the needs and requirements of our workplace have changed massively. Unimission supports you in implementing your customized "Modern Workplace" infrastructure and provides you with your new workplace as a "pay as you use" model.

"Modern Workplace" also promotes the digital transformation of business processes. Paperless work environments, electronic document management and automation of tasks help to increase efficiency and save costs. Repetitive tasks can be automated through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, allowing employees more time for creative and strategic activities.

Work from anywhere - but securely!

Flexibility is another important aspect of the modern workplace. Companies are increasingly offering their employees the opportunity to adjust their working hours and locations. Home offices, remote working and flexible working hours enable employees to achieve a better work-life balance and use their working time more effectively.

However, working from anywhere poses many risks and places high demands on the security infrastructure. Companies need security solutions to protect infrastructure, end devices and applications.

Security - Trust no one

The security of data and information is a key aspect in the modern workplace. Companies are implementing security measures such as access restrictions, encryption and multifactor authentication to protect their sensitive data from unauthorized access.

Trust no one and know who is on your infrastructure. Unimission implements secure zero-trust network access and protects your infrastructure with an Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) solution.

Communication - but how?

Unified communication is the buzzword. But what is the right communication tool for my company? Many different solutions such as teams, chats, virtual telephone systems or applications are available. Together we will find the right solution and implement it in your "Modern Workplace"

Hardware - buy or rent?

Wouldn't it be nice, you can just get a new job including all necessary components for your employees rent? Together with you, we define the requirements of the end devices and implement them for your company.and implement them for your company.

Your advantages

Office applications: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote

Collaboration: Microsoft Teams, calls, chat, file storage

E-mail and calendar: Microsoft Exchange incl. mailbox

Data storage & sharing: SharePoint and OneDrive for Business

Identity & Access Management: Secure access to data, information and identities

Client hardware: rental of desktop PCs, notebooks, mobile's

Acronis Cyber Protect: Backup and Cyber Protection

Client and license management: Uniform management of mobile devices, tablets and PCs

Applications: Integration of existing applications (ERP, CRM, etc.)

Security: antivirus, protection against cyber threats

Helpdesk: Support with ticket system up to 7x24h

The modern workplace has evolved in response to to the changing needs of businesses and employees. It enables a more flexible and efficient way of working, promotes collaboration and supports the digital transformation of companies. Companies that implement a modern workplace can benefit from increased productivity, employee satisfaction and competitiveness.

We accompany you from the initial requirements analysis to the transition to daily operations.
Our team supports you in planning, procurement and implementation even under the most difficult conditions.

Kurt Balanica

CEO (Chief Executive Officer) 

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