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Everyone starts small - just like us. Together, step by step, we have turned a shared vision into something big. We are proud of that.

Public Cloud

HyperScalers such as Microsoft, Google, and AWS dominate the cloud market and are providing more and more computing, storage, and software services flexibly as a "pay as you use" model. In doing so, they make the infrastructures available to several cloud customers at the same time.

Multi Cloud

Customers use multiple services from different HyperScaler public clouds simultaneously.

Private Cloud

I don't want to do without the essential advantages of a flexible cloud, but at the same time I don't want to run my applications on a common platform - no problem. With the private cloud, the customer obtains its own, physically separate infrastructure for its applications as a service.

Hybrid Cloud

Probably the most widely used cloud model is the hybrid cloud. Use the best services from the different cloud models and orchestrate it to your cloud.

IaaS / PaaS / XaaS

Use infrastructures, platforms or ultimately Anything (X) as a service from the various cloud platforms.

Container / CaaS.

Package your applications and infrastructures in containers and run them on the appropriate cloud platform. And if necessary, simply move your CaaS infrastructure to another cloud.

Desktop as a Service:

Get the entire desktop as a service. We organize the hardware, install your applications and ensure a secure connection to your central infrastructure. The complete desktop is managed by us via SLA.

Are you looking for an experienced and creative company that can take your project forward? We have a lot of experience, creative approaches to solutions and the necessary competence. Working with us is unbureaucratic and solution-oriented. Contact us if you would like to discuss your project with us - we will find the right solution for you too!

Stephan Erni

CSO (Chief Sales Officer)

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